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Dalai Lama: We Must Act As One to Preserve Our World

This planet is our solely dwelling. Environmental consultants say that over the subsequent few a long time, international warming will attain such a degree that many water sources will go dry. So ecology and combatting international warming are crucial.

For instance, my nation, Tibet, is the last word supply of water in Asia. Rivers together with Pakistan’s Indus, India’s Ganges and Brahmaputra, China’s Yellow River, in addition to the Mekong, move from Tibet’s plateau. So we must always pay extra consideration to the preservation of Tibetan ecology. This isn’t just for the curiosity of 6 million Tibetans however all folks on this area. Previously, after I was flying over Afghanistan, there have been clear indicators that what was lakes and streams have been already dry. I really feel that Tibet additionally might develop into like that quickly. Concerning Tibet’s political issues, I’ve already retired. However relating to Tibet’s ecology and really wealthy tradition, I’m totally dedicated.

We human beings have these marvelous, sensible minds. However we’re additionally the largest troublemakers on the planet. Now we must always make the most of our brains with compassion, and a way of concern. That is why considered one of my commitments is promotion of deeper human values.

From beginning, we depend on others, notably our moms. From then, every particular person’s existence totally relies on a group, as a result of we’re a social animal. Neighborhood is the supply of our happiness, so we should deal with the group. So now, in trendy occasions, the idea of humanity is one group. East, west, north, south: everyone seems to be interdependent. The trendy financial system has no nationwide sure­aries. Subsequently, now we want a way of oneness of all 7 billion human beings. Previously, many issues have been created due to an excessive amount of emphasis on our variations, akin to nationalities and religions. Now, in trendy occasions, that pondering is outdated. We must always take into consideration humanity, about the entire world.

We should hearken to scientists and specialists. Their voices and information are crucial. And spiritual folks ought to pay extra consideration to scientists fairly than simply pray, pray, pray. Within the historical Nalanda Buddhist custom, which we Tibetans comply with, all the things is investigated and never accepted by religion alone. If by means of reasoning we discover some contradiction, even in Buddha’s personal phrases, then now we have the precise to reject them. From childhood, I used to be all the time engaged in numerous debate. Our pondering was primarily based not in religion however reasoning.

Buddha himself was not born in a palace however underneath a tree. He attained enlightenment underneath a Bodhi tree. When he handed, it was underneath a tree. One of many guidelines throughout our monsoon retreat is that we must always not minimize down something inexperienced. So this reveals that Buddha himself paid consideration to inexperienced points.

Hours, minutes and seconds: time by no means stands nonetheless. We are also a part of that nature. The previous is necessary, however already previous. The long run continues to be in our palms, so we should take into consideration ecology on the international degree.

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